This is probably the fastest and easiest way to create your own professional looking ebook covers…

‘Now You Can Create Stunning 3D eCovers

Designed In Just 5 Minutes or Less

– Guaranteed –

Even If You’re Not A Gifted Graphic Designer

‘As a creative writer, marketer, bloggerand entrepreneur,

this is what you are looking for to

increase your sales and establish your brand’

I don’t care what your parents or teachers told you about good books. It is an undeniable fact that people DO judge a book by its cover. They almost always get their first impression of a book – or any product for that matter – by its cover or packaging.

What, you don’t believe me?

OK, try this when you are next out and about… Walk into any book or video shop and look around. I bet nine times out of ten, it is the cover design or packaging that first draws your attention to a particular product.

Your first impressions are made at a subconscious level, and that is when the sale is either won …..or lost!

The same is true on the Internet – only the effect is magnified, Why? Because everything on the Web is two dimensional; Your customers cannot touch, smell or feel your product, so it is essential that the images you use, create the visual experience that helps your customers ‘see your product’.

This is where graphic designers come in to help create beautiful covers for your products and sell them.

Therefore, if you want to make a good first impression, build trust and create value all at the same time… then you have to show your product(s) in a way that your potential customers can relate to.

Now tell me, how would YOU like to make these covers yourself in just minutes?

Attractive, aren’t they?

In today’s world of online ecommerce, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here’s what we learned from our experience in the online marketing industry… People like to buy from the Internet, but they don’t buy purely on price. If you think they will buy your product just because you sell it cheap, think again. People judge a book by its cover, remember?

That means you have to make your product look professional and desirable.

You have to show your product in a way that makes your potential customers want to reach into their computer screen and pick it up straight away. If you can do that and make the product jump and say, “Hey! Look At Me! – Buy Me Now!”… Then you will make a lot more money than you would have ever thought!

If you can create an eye-catching cover design that not only makes your products stand out from the crowd and turn ‘cold’ prospects into REAL paying customers, think of the impact that would have on your business?

But then as always, there are some problems.


Do you know how much you would pay to have an ebook cover created by a top-notch graphic designer? It could easily set you back about £50 – £150+ for just one professionally-designed 3D cover! Have you ever paid that?

Having your tech savvy friend make your cover design for next to nothing may seem alluring at first, but your cover will result in a design that either doesn’t look right or is inferior and cheap looking, putting off people who are looking to buy.


You would really like to keep costs down and make the covers yourself. This will eliminate Problem 1 and there will be no need to pay anyone else. If only it was that easy!

You have to learn the technical stuff yourself and spend all that time researching what suits your needs. Where do you even start?

Come to think of it, this option is nowhere near economical! For a professional finish you would have to buy one of those fancy graphic design software like Photoshop or CorelDraw and install it on your computer! Adobe Photoshop is currently priced at around £499. That hefty price tag PLUS all the time training to use it, your business will suffer whilst you spend all this time and effort learning.

You may even try to go for a cheaper online option that looks good but actually delivers poor results and takes all your time getting it to work properly.

So, we are going to give you a true plug-and-play system that literally anybody—no matter what your skill level is—can understand and use, to generate beautiful professional covers in minutes…


Introducing, the revolutionary software that can create

your ebook covers in minutes…



My eBook Cover Maker

“This Is The Most Powerful,

Fail-Safe, Web-Based,

All-In-One 3D Cover Creator On The Internet”

Click here to try the FREE DEMO version right now!

This is a groundbreaking cover design system that anyone can use to create stunning, professional quality cover graphics in just 5 minutes or less.

In other words, you now can create a professional cover for your next product all by yourself even if you’re a beginner or have never had any experiences with graphic design before.

This is a 100% web-based application system. Therefore, you don’t have to download anything in order to make the 3D cover. You don’t have to mess around with all the technical stuff like installing, upgrading, backups, system configuration, etc. We know that is all just a waste of your time.

We handled all the technical stuff. You won’t see anything that will make you confused. All you have to do is keep creating those 3D covers for the benefit of your business.We have a video tutorial that will guide you through every process. To be honest My Ebook Cover Maker is so intuitive you will be away making great covers in minutes.

You Will Be Able To:

Create up to 6 different ecover templates with ease!

eBook cover,  Styled box cover, DVD cover, 2 different Software covers and even a membership card cover! Everything is prepared right here – all in 3D.


Rotate your ecover model up to 360 degrees!

Save it from any angle you wish. Create “backs” to your ebook, box, membership card or software cover and give your product an incredible professional look.

Unlike any other system, you can produce 1000’s of different ecover combinations in just a few clicks!


Preview your ecover LIVE as you create it!

Add your image, logo, text or whatever you wish and see how your ecover will look in real time before you save it!

This alone will save you a huge amount of time!

But That Is Not All – How About:

Image editing on the fly!          

Built in text editor making customising your ecovers a breeze!                            

Quickly upload your logo or custom graphic!                             

Add reflection!                            

Choose background colour!

Masking feature for professional quality finishes!

Video Tutorial From Our Developer Showing You How To Get The Best From Our Software

Click here to try the FREE DEMO version right now!


Don’t Waste Time Trying To “Figure Out” What Works… My eBook Cover Maker Does!

If you have tried the demo, then you already know this works and you have probably got excited about how easy and spectacular this software is to use. When we first tried it from our developers we could not believe how quick it was, especially having used those labour intensive, time sucking cover programs that take an age to learn.

Thanks to the ease of use in creating such breathtakingly beautiful 3D eCovers, many people will have much more fun and less stress organising their new book covers. The fun goes even further as this software can be used for all sorts of different things i.e sending friends book covers you have designed using your own photographs or designing something for someone for a special occasion using a picture they like.

So, you can see although we designed this for professional use it has many others as well. In fact once you get going if you are like us, you will be trying all sorts of things out, just to see how they look. You will be surprised at the amazing results you get from this 3D software.

By the way, there are full time online marketers on the Internet… who pay large monthly fees for less flexible ebook systems, without giving a second thought. Why? Because they know Internet sales volumes are still expanding! As competition online increases, it is crucial for them to stand out from everyone else. My eBook Cover Maker is designed exclusively to ensure your products do stand out and at the same time sell a lot more!

No matter what products or services you sell or give away, you can easily INCREASE your conversion rate if your potential customer can see it, and understand it. That is what My eBook Cover Maker is all about; packaging your product or service and website in a way that people can see and understand.


Order the eBook Cover Maker now 

We are so confident you will be happy with the fantastic My eBook Cover Maker that we will give you back every penny if you are not fully satisfied with the results.

Ok, so how much is the My eBook Cover Maker going to cost?

Well this did take some thinking about as we spent a large sum in development costs to bring this to you.

As this is so unique and different we were initially thinking of a realistic price of around £149.00 for an exclusive membership to  Don’t worry though as we really won’t charge any where near that price. If you decide to act NOW!

The Total Investment Will Only Be £47.00


As An Introductory OFFER for those that act now…


This is a ONE TIME payment and not a subscription. There are no recurring costs and no hidden charges. So there you have it £47.00 £19.99 for the use of this incredible software, any time you want to create a fantastic ebook cover design.

We retain the right to increase the price to £47.00 as any time.

We thought about making this available for small projects at a monthly price, but when you work out how much you would pay for just one ecover elsewhere, this silly one off price is just such a good deal. Of course this also means you can come back and use it time after time, without having to worry about getting a credit card or paypal payment organised.

When you purchase you will find we are adding extra materials to use, such as creative backgrounds and we will be keeping purchasers updated with new bonus extras to make using My eBook Cover Maker a great experience.





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